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Pedalando na frente com você!

Pedalando na frente com você!

Social Security Programs All Through The World

Türkmenistan has vast reserves of oil and pure fuel, and preparations to export gasoline and oil by way of pipelines are main issues of the government and international traders. Historically, land and water were held in frequent by villages and nomadic groups.

Some artists promote their work independently; one should purchase paintings and jewellery from galleries within the city centers and at bazaars. Most efforts are geared toward selling the newly impartial Türkmen nationwide identification imbued with a mixture of Islamic heritage and traditional Türkmen culture. There has been some international support for building museums and some dating turkmenistan women architecture. Türkmen carry out burial ceremonies according to Islamic regulation and did so even underneath communism. Women don’t attend funerals, but do participate within the commemoratory feasts held at seven days, forty days, and one year after a demise. Türkmen favor to use the time period “to pass on” ( aradan çykmak ), somewhat than “to die” ( ölmek ).

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The final unbiased Türkmen chief was a woman, Güljamal Hatun, who succeeded her husband Nurberdi Han. There is an unofficial group in Aşgabat that supports battered women, and efforts are made to take care of orphans and the mentally and physically disabled.

Religious leaders are referred to as mollas, or işan within the mystical Sufi orders, and käzys interpret Islamic legislation however don’t act as clergy. All establishments endure from lack of financial security, dilapidated buildings, lack of textbooks and undertrained teachers. Some overseas specialists are lending aid and recommendation, though progress, especially in the rural areas, is sluggish. Turkey is printing new nationally-oriented textbooks within the new alphabet at no cost (though some colleges still ready use the thirty-yr-old Soviet textbooks venerating Lenin). There are kindergartens and elementary faculties, and an eighth grade education is mandatory. Seventy-seven percent of colleges educate in Türkmen, and 16 % in Russian.

Well Being

Türkmen is gaining educational prominence, and the function of English has expanded. Adults research Türkmen in free office courses, and plenty of take personal lessons to study English. Mothers and other female relations play an necessary role in a toddler’s life. Male infants are circumcised in a particular ceremony led by a molla, usually attended only by close members of the family. ATürkmen marriage ceremony is a festive occasion characterised by historic Turkic rituals. There is an trade of value referred to as galyñ , which despite its name, does not mean that a bride is purchased; it’s a historic, complex method to redistribution of wealth in the traditional communities and is an honored tradition even at present. The Soviet government established a civil system and discouraged Islamic rites, however they endured.

Private discussion and the expression of private views are highly restricted because of intrusive supervision by state security providers, including physical surveillance, monitoring of phone and digital communications, and the usage of informers. Social media customers who post important comments about the government are subject to intimidation and imprisonment. Independent journalists, notably those that work with RFE/RL, are subject to harassment, detention, physical abuse, and prosecution on trumped-up charges. In 2017, the authorities revoked accreditations for a number of British journalists who had planned to come to the country to cover the AIMAG. The state-run internet service supplier blocks websites that carry unbiased information coverage or opposition-oriented content material.


In October, the president issued a decree to begin raising water charges as a part of a broader plan to section out subsidies for basic utilities and ease pressure on the state finances amid a faltering economic system. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov received reelection in February with 97.69 p.c of the vote, in accordance with official results. He confronted eight token challengers who had been supportive of his coverage agenda. I am on the lookout for info on marriage patterns, religious rituals / practices, nature of hierarchy in social structure, and customarily in cultural practices. My fundamental curiosity is in how Islam is implanted in very various kinds of tradition and society and how one sees a fantastic variety that is generated within the course of. Traditional dancing is strongly promoted by the state and the troupes of feminine dancers grace the covers of magazines and travel to many neighboring states the place they act as cultural ambassadors. In urban centers, Türkmen singers give concerts which mix a fusion of pop and traditional Türkmen music called estrada.

The authorities-controlled Association of Trade Unions of Turkmenistan is the only union organization permitted to operate. One of the president’s sisters controls the National Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan and has been accused of utilizing the group for private enrichment. The structure ensures freedom of meeting, and the 2015 Law on Assemblies defines the proper of individuals and teams to hold peaceable gatherings with prior authorization. However, the legislation grants officials broad discretion to dam assemblies, and in practice the authorities don’t enable antigovernment demonstrations.

There is national conscription to workers a small military force that is plagued by corruption and disorganization. Executive energy is exercised by a President who can be chairman of the cabinet of ministers. Ministers oversee sectors of the government and economic system corresponding to domestic affairs, overseas affairs, the oil industry, and agriculture. There are rising financial classes in Türkmenistan right now, as new jobs are created and Türkmenistan’s new global position redefines job skills. Dramatic adjustments in agriculture, the oil industry and the business world have created areas for the publish-Soviet Türkmen, particularly youthful people who know overseas languages, primarily English. Still tribal loyalties and personal contacts stay necessary for acquiring positions and favors. Imports include processed food and nonfood products for the consumer market, industrial chemical compounds similar to fertilizers, farm machinery, and metalwork for the agricultural business.

The authoritarian political system offers voters no significant alternatives to the ruling get together. At an off-the-cuff degree, politics inside the regime are considered influenced by regional patronage networks, or “clans,” that control completely different parts of the state and financial system. The unicameral Mejlis consists of a hundred twenty five members elected from individual districts to serve 5-yr terms. Parliamentary elections are tightly managed by the state and have no real competitors from opposition candidates. All events and public associations allowed to participate are successfully subordinate to the DPT. In the 2013 elections, the DPT took forty seven seats, followed by the Federation of Trade Unions with 33, the Women’s Union with 16, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs with 14, and a youth organization and other “citizen groups” with 8 and seven, respectively.

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